High School Tips from High School Students


During the first semester, students were not only getting accustomed to new schedules but also discovering new ways to get around high school. Many people initially find navigating high school to be a challenging experience, and for some individuals, the second semester continues to present its challenges. Looking back on their first semester, underclassman evaluated their best tips on how to be successful in high school. Here are 6 valuable recommendations for high school students to follow:


Balance is one of the key elements of high school. Some students participate in athletics, after-school volunteer commitments, or other extracurricular activities. In contrast, some students may want to get home and rewind or study for an exam the next day. Either way, staying within your bounds and finding what is comfortable for you is essential. Balance is vital to a successful high school career and for the mental health of students.

Antonia Adames ’26, a freshman athlete, explains how she uses balance in her day-to-day life. Adames states, “My best hack for high school would be doing my homework ahead of time so that I have more free time when I get home and more time to study for important exams.”

Simplify school

A vital tip for high school students is to optimize time, especially when it comes to notetaking and assignments. Many students in the Upper School recommend iPads to help keep them organized and on task.

Charlotte Jordan ’26, a student-athlete at Pine Crest, says, “Using an iPad to download work to do homework and review notes on my way home after a game or practice has made a big change in my academic life.”


Students in fast-paced classes or who want a deeper analysis of their course material may greatly benefit from using the resources close at hand. Students are especially aware of the many online resources available to help them understand various topics.

Ryan Frawley ’26 believes, “A good resource like spark notes can really help me understand what is happening in a book if I need a better understanding of it.”

Surround yourself with supportive friends

It is imperative that the people you surround yourself with are uplifting and support you in all of your endeavors.

Karen Awaida ’25 explains that her biggest tip for high school would be to “Find friends that truly love and support you. Find the people that make you excited to go to your next period.”


Having faith in yourself and believing that you can achieve anything, no matter how easy or hard, is one of the biggest challenges for students. Self-affirmation is essential to help students through high school and years beyond that.

Katrin Gulia-Janovskaia ’26 maintains that idea when she says, “Believing in yourself is one of the most important parts of being a successful high school student, whether that be in academics, sports, or life in general.”

How to Study

Many students have found challenges in how to study for upcoming exams. Some students use online study tools to reassure themselves that they are prepared for any assignment or test in class. Study tools are extremely important, and using them for preparation is an effective way to learn what you do not know and practice what you do know.

Annika Sachdeva ’25 states, “Quizlet is one of the best tools that I have found, and I use it to study for absolutely anything.”

Although high school can often feel overwhelming, scary, and stressful, these 6 simple tips on how to navigate high school from high school students themselves can be a great addition to your everyday routine and hopefully benefit you in future high school endeavors.