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The Girls’ Varsity Golf Team is the Best Yet, by Par

The Pine Crest Girls’ Varsity Golf team poses after a successful round.

The 2023 Girls’ Varsity Golf season is off to a great start with a record of four wins, one loss, one tie, and one top-three at the Palm League Championship. The players spent their summers playing daily rounds in order to prepare themselves for the season ahead, with their main goal being to improve their short game (chipping and putting) and precision. But what are they doing during the school year? 

The team members dedicate hours each day, and though golf may not seem arduous, the sport is tough. Gemma Wirtenberg ’25 said, “Improving your game requires dedication, time, and most of all focus. Many players spend time reading books or watching videos to do anything they can to perform their best.”

Though many are not aware of the rigor of golf, it truly does take a toll both academically and physically. Two days a week, the girls miss their last two periods in order to travel to the course and compete in a match. They walk a total of three and a half miles, often competing for more than three hours. 

Walking is a major component of the sport, but perhaps just as critical is gaining muscle. As the players gain golf experience, they gain the incentive to weight train. This is for a simple reason: the stronger you are, the farther you can drive the ball. Not only are the girls on the team practicing every afternoon for two hours, they also are gaining strength.

These adjustments of adding weight training into their routine and watching film, as well as their consistency and patience, have contributed to a successful team and the start of a thriving season.

This begs the question: is their success going to be enough to carry them to States? Vanessa Georgescu ’27 said, “I think we’re going to make it to States because we all support each other and work hard.” She adds, “Even when the circumstances are hard we always regroup and talk about how we can continue to improve.” 

Remember: for all of the bad shots, all it takes is one good shot to get on the right path again. For those of you who do not play, this holds true; whether it’s sports, tests, or relationships, keep persevering.

If the recipe to victory is dedication, support, and daily practice, this team is on the road to success. Stay updated on the latest sports news as broadcasted by @pinecrestathletics on Instagram. 


Update 10/31/23:

Yesterday, on October 30, 2023, the Girl’s Varsity Golf Team placed 5th out of 11 teams at Regionals. The week before on October 24, 2023, they placed second at Districts. Though this result may not carry them to States, they still have hope for the future.


Update 11/15/23:

On November 15th and 16th, the Girl’s Varsity team attended the States Tournament for the first time in several years if not decades. It was a two-day event and the team is proud to have earned 11th place. It is safe to say that Georgescu’s earlier account was true: support, dedication, and team strategy are the keys to success.

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