Boys’ Varsity Basketball Team Has High ‘Hoops’ This Season


Anna Selden

Leo Ghiloni ’21 looking to score (via junior Anna Selden).

The basketball season is heating up, and the Boys Varsity Basketball team has its head in the game. With three freshmen, four sophomores, four juniors and only one senior, the young team has a burning passion to prove it has what it takes. Type One sat down with sophomores Leo Ghiloni and Eros Carpio to discuss their outlook on the season and the team.

Ghiloni plays power forward and Carpio plays center forward, aiding the team in scoring points and standing near the basket on defense. Both sophomores have have numerous years of experience playing basketball.

The basketball team has been studying their opponent’s weaknesses and creating strategies and drills to help capitalize on these weak points. The team is also focusing on improving their offense and defense at game speed.

Ghiloni said, “We have been running transition drills in practice to help us get fast break points when it comes to the real games. We want to make sure we can score as many points as possible, and these drills really help us to prepare for those opportunities.”

Both Ghiloni and Carpio expressed the importance of team chemistry on and off the court. Because of the roster consisting of many underclassmen, the team has the advantage of building up team chemistry over multiple seasons and giving them an advantage as a younger team.

Although two vital members of the team graduated last year (Mike Egozi and Miles Polley), Carpio expressed his confidence in the team’s ability to compete.

“[Their absence] gave me more playing time. Mike was our main scorer and Miles wasn’t afraid to take a charge. I still think we are better than we were last season. Everyone has said we are a special group of kids, and I won’t be surprised if we win a state championship in the next two years.”

Carpio discussed both his personal goals, but also the team’s goals for this season, including making districts and breaking the stereotype most schools have against Pine Crest.

“My personal goal is the same as any player: To get attention from the media and college coaches. Also, to do everything I can for my team to win. If I get zero points so be it, but I can guarantee I will be doing my job on the defensive end. As long as my team wins I’m happy. When a team sees [Pine Crest] on their schedule all they do is throw all these stereotypes at us and talk a lot of trash when we play them. Once we step on that court, we make sure to prove that Pine Crest is no team to mess with.”

With the team’s matchup against their rival team, Saint Andrews, being a home game, the players are hoping to see students at the game on January 29th cheering them on from the bleachers!

Ghiloni said, “Seeing you guys in the crowd really pushes us to give 200%.” Carpio said, “Knowing that we are playing in front of people who appreciate us makes us very happy. We promise we will put on a show just make sure to come and watch us!”

Type One wishes the boys’ varsity basketball team luck in the progressing season. 

Sources: MaxPreps