What’s New on Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites for TV shows and movies in the world. Almost everyone at Pine Crest has watched a Netflix Original, and some of the most popular TV shows ever have sprung from the creators at Netflix, such as Stranger Things. Many Netflix Originals are being renewed this month, and some new shows and movies are also being introduced to the platform. Let’s take a look at some of what’s to come in the month of February.


Netflix is starting out strong by introducing the 2016 Grammy-winning film LaLa Land, which is a love story about an aspiring actress and an aspiring jazz musician, to its site on February 1st. It’s about time that people can have easy access to such an amazing movie.


“I am really excited for LaLa Land to come out on Netflix. It is one of my favorite movies, and I am happy that it will be available to Netflix’s wide audience. I look forward to rewatching it soon,” said Thalia Ferro ‘24.


February 3rd, the 2023 Netflix Original movie True Spirit will be released on Netflix, which is a true story about Jessica Watson, a young sailor, and her accomplishments. On February 8th, the 2023 Netflix Original documentary, Bill Russell: Legend, will air. This documentary details the life of the NBA player and civil rights activist, Bill Russell. On February 10th, Your Place or Mine, the Netflix Original rom-com, starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, will be released. On the same day, season four part one of the Netflix Original TV show thriller You, starring Penn Badgley, will air. 


“I am so excited. That was my binge watch last December,” said Nicole Grau ‘24 about the Netflix Original, You.


On Valentines Day, the Netflix Original series Perfect Match will be released, which unites couples from many shows, including Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum, and Too Hot To Handle. On February 13th, season three of the Netflix Original teen drama series Outer Banks will air, which features the teens abandoned on the island of “Poguelandia.” 


“I am looking forward to seeing what happens next and I’m really excited to see my favorite characters again. It’s going to feel like summer even though it’s only coming out in February,” said student Eva Weiner ‘25. 


Season five of the Netflix Original series Formula 1: Drive to Survive will come out on February 24th, which looks back at the 2022 F1 World Championship. Also, on the 24th, part two of the latest show in the Pokemon franchise, Pokémon Ultimate Journeys: The Series, will air.


Overall, Netflix is releasing a variety of shows that suit all demographics, from teens to film enthusiasts and everyone in between. Make sure to take some time to relax and check out one of the many films and shows Netflix has to offer this month!


Source: Netflix