Athlete Highlight: Sophomore Brooke Hooper’s Experience at Cross Country Nationals


Well-established cross country runner Brooke Hooper ‘24 has recently raced in the Running Lane National Cross Country Championships in Huntsville, Alabama. The fastest boys and girls runners from across the country come to compete for team and individual titles.

While Hooper did not race alongside her supportive teammates, she did not fail to perform. Despite her already impressive personal 5k record of 18:44, she managed to surpass it by five seconds at nationals, setting a new personal record of 18:39. She also placed 45th among 233 runners in her race.

Race conditions are very important to any competitive cross country runner, with factors like weather, altitude, and course conditions. Hooper was very pleased with the conditions, saying “It was a really good course with a lot of fast girls.”

Capitalizing on good race conditions is crucial to setting records and winning races, and Hooper did not fail to do so. With two races won this season, adapting to competition and course conditions is no problem for Hooper.

In fact, Hooper’s performance was so impressive that she was nominated for the honor of “Florida Sophomore Girls Cross Country Runner of the Year”. This prestigious award is given to the best performing sophomore Cross Country runner each year and we wish Hooper the best of luck in her quest to win this award and many more.

With an upcoming track season ahead of Hooper, many more personal records and great races are to come for the speedy sophomore.