Camaraderie and Collaboration: The PC Football Way


PC Football lining up against American Heritage Delray

Though the majority of students at Pine Crest are just starting to settle into the school year, the football team has been out on the field since August 1st. Every Friday, the team plays against that week’s opponent, with practices Monday through Thursday leading up to the game. In addition to the daily practices, the team also has daily yoga sessions before school to maintain their flexibility.

“The main focus of this season has been team culture,” says defensive lineman Alex Milano ‘25.

The team has fostered a strong sense of brotherhood through paying attention to the small details. The team lives by their saying, “pack the passion.” Milano continued, saying “The team feels like a family and a strong community.”

An integral part of this team culture is the leadership of the senior players. While on the field, in the weight room, and around the campus, the seniors strive to set good examples for the underclassmen on the team.

Defensive lineman Jake Karmin ‘23 is one of the leaders on the team, saying that “As seniors, we have a job to teach and lead the underclassmen by example. We all push each other to put in the work and be the best we can.” This focus on culture has led to success for the team, which is off to a promising start with two wins and one loss.

Outside linebacker Levi Stein ‘24 spoke to us about the preparation for the football season. The team participated in a training camp before the start of the school year to prepare them for the season to come.

Stein told Paw Print that this training camp brought them closer, and that “It was a place where everyone joined together and worked toward a common goal. The brotherhood and loyalty it generated was unmatched.”

Although the season has gone well so far for the Panthers, there is still much to look forward to. On October 21st, Pine Crest is playing against Westminster Academy for their Homecoming game at FAU Stadium.

The Paw Print wishes the football team the best of luck, and can’t wait to support them at homecoming and other key games this season.