Living Green Review


Every Monday and Wednesday after school, I visit Living Green, a health-food store. Living Green has three locations. One in Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and the one Ft. Lauderdale is just around a mile from Pine Crest. The market includes a deli, cafe, packaged goods, and a lounge area perfect for working. Additionally, the market plays funky music, perfect for establishing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to studying, chatting, and enjoying a good meal. 

Most days that I visit, I typically order the Spanakopita and the BerryBan smoothie, while my mother gets a decaf latte. Now that I am writing this review, I have been given the opportunity to fully enjoy and process the flavors Living Green has to offer. Whilst eating my spinach pie today, I found there to be a good balance between the spinach and feta, as the cheese was not overpoweringly bitter. Additionally, the crust was thick and crispy, which I think balanced it well. However, if you are looking for a more traditional Spanakopita, you might find that it does not have the flaky texture that is expected from spinach pie. Overall, I give the pie a 9/10. Next, I drank my smoothie, which consisted of strawberries, bananas, and apple juice. I found that the smoothie was very well-blended, as there were not many seeds that I could taste. However, I personally like tasting the chunks of banana in my smoothies, so that would have been nice. Along with this, the smoothie had a pretty good flavor and was very filling, as I was not even able to finish it. Regarding my mother’s decaf late, she rated it a 7.5/10 because it was not rich enough.

However, my mother says that the food and atmosphere make up for the slight coffee slip-up, and I have to agree. The atmosphere is extremely nice, especially with their disco ball! Additionally, there are several types of seats based on how many people are in each party. Overall, I would rate the atmosphere is an 8.5/10 just because it is on the colder side, so you may need to bring a sweater if you are sitting down and relaxing. If you are ever near Pine Crest and need a quick bite to eat before an event, check out Living Green. You won’t leave disappointed!