The Way the Cookie Crumbls


With the influence of social media, it does not take much to sway our generation. Often people believe false information they see and are drawn to the latest trends or challenges, regardless of the danger. Yet the internet does not always sway people in a malicious way; sometimes, they are swayed in a delicious way. Today, there is one delicious trend that is taking over the internet, and it is a cookie.

Anyone who has been on the social media platform Tik Tok lately knows the name Crumbl Cookies. Crumbl Cookies is a cookie store with almost 100 locations worldwide. It has rapidly been gaining popularity due to its rising Tik Tok presence. Their 15-30 second videos showcasing their glorious cookies, with vibrant colors and flavors, have not only brought recognition to the store but many customers to it as well.

“I found out about Crumbl Cookies from Tik Tok, and they looked so good,” Jillian Tashjian, ’23, who recently discovered Crumbl Cookies, tells Paw Print. “I really wanted to try them. So, I looked up where the closest one was and it was 30 mins away from me, and I thought it would be worth it to go!” This shows just how dedicated Jillian and many others are to these delicious treats.

The Crumbl Cookies craze has taken over the world by storm, because each cookie is sold fresh from the oven and sold at a reasonable price. They have aesthetically pleasing designs, and each cookie flavor is unique like no other. Crumbl Cookies sets itself apart from other cookie stores through its weekly flavor rotation. Their two classic cookies, chocolate chip and chilled sugar, are always available, but every week, Crumbl Cookies releases 4 new unique flavors such as cosmic brownie, cinnamon roll, oreo, and animal cracker to delight and tempt their customers.

Sasha Kaufman, ’23, who recently discovered Crumbl Cookies, says, “It is also such a good marketing idea because if it were just the same cookies every week, I wouldn’t go back to get them all the time. But now, when I see the new flavors, I just have to try them”.

So this brings us to the ultimate question: are Crumbl Cookies really worth “the hype”? Drive to your nearest location to find out, and you be the judge. I don’t think you will be disappointed!