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Yellow Green Farmers Market: A Review

Fresh, local produce from a stand at the market.

This past Sunday, I traveled to Hollywood to check out the unique and flavorful Yellow Green Farmers Market. This market is easy to miss, as it is tucked away on Sheridan and very close to I-95. But, once I made my way through the packed parking lot, a surprisingly large open market, swarming with activity emerged from an otherwise industrial area. 

On my first stop, I spoke to the women preparing vegetarian stews over injera (traditional Ethiopian flatbreads) at Teff Fields Ethiopian Cuisine

“We love it here,” she said. “We have been open for five years.” 

I then asked how South Florida compares to Ethiopia, where she lived before.

“Ethiopia is not hot, this is hot.”

On the other side of the market, there was a bustling Argentine restaurant playing Messi highlights on the multiple wall-mounted TVs. I purchased a chicken empanada with chimichurri. It was loaded with flavor complexity and was excellent, if not a bit overpriced.

To finish off my market experience, I stopped by the Juice Bar, which is at the center of the market and is likely the most popular destination there.

I ordered the Blue Mediterranean, a smoothie with banana, dates, peanut butter, milk, blue spirulina, and chia seeds. It was decently sweet and could have been a meal on its own.

Before leaving with my drink, I started a conversation with one of the guys working at the Vitamix blenders.

“I’m from Venezuela, and he’s from Cuba,” he said. “We’ve been open for five years, and love every minute.”

The only problem with my visit to Yellow-Green Farmers Market occurred when I tried to leave. The line of cars to exit the parking lot was slow-moving and disorganized. Leaving a 10-15 minute cushion for exiting the parking lot is definitely recommended.

Overall, my experience at Yellow-Green Farmers Market was extremely enjoyable. It’s nice to have an open market here in South Florida where different cuisines and cultures can coexist and flourish together. I most definitely recommend this market to anyone who is willing to try out interesting foods from around the world. Just come hungry, and make sure you have plenty of napkins. The market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information, visit their website.

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