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Editorial Policy

The PC Paw Print is a digital media publication produced by the Upper School students of Pine Crest School. The production and meetings of The PC Paw Print occur outside of regular school hours both before and after school and on weekends. The PC Paw Print publishes articles on a monthly basis throughout the school year for all members of the Pine Crest community including alumni.

The mission of The PC Paw Print is to engage, inform, and connect the Pine Crest student body and greater Pine Crest community by providing a forum for student and faculty voices. The editorial boards have the right to plan and layout the format of the news website with approval from the adviser and administration. The PC Paw Print has the power to survey student, faculty, and staff opinion and to collect any information necessary in the exercise of these powers, without interfering with classroom functions. Unsigned editorials reflect the majority opinion of the editorial board. Signed editorials reflect the opinion of the writer. Any and all opinions appearing in The PC Paw Print do not necessarily reflect the views of the school, administration, faculty, or students.   

The PC Paw Print will not produce articles deemed libelous, obscene, or an invasion of the rights or privacy of others.  

The PC Paw Print welcomes letters to the editor. The editorial board has the right to edit letters for grammar, punctuation, or spelling as needed but will not alter the meaning of any submissions. Also, the editorial board has the right to refuse to publish any criticism that contains hurtful, hateful commentary that is not constructive or unsubstantiated by fact.

Any noteworthy errors found in articles will be corrected immediately in the original article, and a footnote will be added to indicate said corrections.

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Editorial Policy