Brownie Thursday


During the school year, it is important to find peaceful and fun moments that take your mind off of school and allow you to embrace the outdoors. Pine Crest math teacher Ms. Hernandez and her class take a weekly brain break during “Brownie Thursday.”
According to Adam Peles ‘22, “Brownie Thursday is a weekly tradition in Ms Hernandez’s math classes. Each Thursday, someone in class brings in brownies that they have baked themselves. We leave about 10 minutes at the end of class so that we can go outside to the tables near the fine arts building, eat brownies, and talk.”
This has been an ongoing tradition in Ms. Hernandez’s class for many years. It is not only a way for students to bond with others in their class, but also a simple way to relax and escape from a stressful school day.
Carys Edwards ‘22 shares that her favorite part of Brownie Thursday is that “It is so fun to talk with my class and get insight on their lives. Everyone in my Period 7 class is so nice and just fun to be around.”
Adam Peles also shares his favorite aspect of Brownie Thursday: “I enjoy brownie Thursday because taking a small break from work every once in a while can make me so much more focused and productive. I also enjoy being able to socialize with my classmates and Ms. Hernandez.”
Although every student gets a chance to bring in a fresh batch for the class, some students go above and beyond with their brownie creations.
Carys Edwards shares that the best brownies “Hands down come from Sophia Varughese – she is the go to in our class and brings them in almost every week, and everyone in our class adores her for that. They are so good! They have Oreos and cookies in them, and from time to time she brings in extra fun brownies like red velvet!”
Brownie Thursday is an amazing weekly tradition that all students in Ms. Hernandez’s classes look forward to. Coming together with your peers and taking a moment to destress during a busy work week is always important, and Brownie Thursday truly embodies that idea.