Student Spotlight: Joshua Perper


Pine Crest Student Council is one of the most important aspects of connecting the student body with events and information throughout the school year. Current Senior Class President Joshua Perper ‘21 shares his personal experience with the Student council, some upcoming insight for the future of the class of 2021, and the ways that being part of Student Council throughout the years has impacted him.

Josh said, “I was the 7th grade Vice President, 8th grade President at the Pine Crest Boca Raton campus, 9th, 10th, and now 12th grade Class President. During 11th grade, I was an advisor and freshman mentor on the Executive Board.”

Josh’s passion goes beyond his large role in student council and when asked about pursuing politics in college, he reflected on how student government has influenced his future plans.

“I think my positions over the years have influenced my decision to focus on political science in college. I would love to possibly do something political at either the state or national level,” Josh said. “Using the skills I’ve picked up over the years, I have tried to become more politically involved in the government, especially this year with an election alongside a global pandemic and protests/riots.”

Josh serves as an inspiration not only because he shows that you can find what you truly love to do by taking advantage of opportunities, but also because he stresses the importance of being involved in the community. By mentioning that he has tried to become involved in real-world issues, he proves to be a good role model for his grade because he is active both in and out of school.

Josh has also been working hard to give his grade a senior year full of fun events and somewhat normal activities.

“We recently (September 26) organized the senior parking space painting for on-campus students, and have another day (October 31) at the end of the month for students who were virtual. Because of COVID, we had to postpone senior sunrise until the second semester. Another exciting senior privilege is dressing up on Halloween, which I know many students are looking forward to.”

Along with these classic senior class experiences, he also gives some insight into new and special activities that are coming up for the senior class further down the road.

He said, “We are also planning something that has never been done before for the senior class: a senior movie night. We are still in the planning phase, but anticipate it will be at the end of the first semester on the auxiliary field.”

Despite the changes and difficulties faced this school year, Josh has strived to create a memorable senior year for his fellow classmates.

“I love being able to represent the incredible class of 2021. I pride myself on being very spirited and it is so much fun to be the epitome of spirit for my grade. I enjoy organizing and coordinating all of the different senior traditions and really just being someone that any person in my grade knows he or she can talk to about anything,” Josh said.

As much as Josh loves being Class President, he adds that he could never do it alone.

“I really could not be able to put all these events and traditions together without the help of my Class Board: Mahdere Yared, Johnny Fishman, and Sophia Lehrman, as well as Mrs. Everett, the Senior Class Sponsor.”