International STEM Trips


For some, classroom labs simply aren’t enough to satisfy a need to do practical STEM. However, come spring, Pine Crest is offering students a chance to learn more about science in the real world——not just close-to home——across the U.S. border too. The Science department has worked to craft unique, immersive international excursions to make sure those interested can take what they’ve learned in lessons out of the classroom.
Do you have an affinity for environmental science? An itch to see a black sand beach? A dormant volcano? Students on the upcoming Iceland trip will be able to see those as well as get up close and personal with craters on hikes, a divergent tectonic plate boundary at an expanding lake, and much more.
The trip focuses on making sure the students have an experience that enriches their understanding of the environment around them. “I think that you learn so much by being immersed in it,” said Ms. Vatland, the AP Environmental Science teacher and coordinator of the trip. “When you get out of the classroom and start seeing these things you’ve been learning about in real life, it really impacts you so much more.”
If you’re interested in learning more about geothermal energy, resource management, and conservation, you may want to pay closer attention to the Schoology posts about the Iceland trip calling your name! The deadline is December 12th, but if you happen to miss it, there’s always late registration!
If glaciers and waterfalls sound too chilly for your taste, don’t worry about having to skip out on a STEM trip. After the second semester exam period, the science department is also offering the Costa Rica trip! This excursion will focus on studying the leatherback sea turtles as they crawl up the tropical beaches to lay their eggs. Leatherbacks are critically endangered and this laying period is imperative for their continued species.“Normally, you can’t go up close to these sea turtles—it’s illegal to touch them and get near them,” said Ms. Vatland. “We’ll get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with professionals in the field and study these sea turtles.” Make sure you don’t miss out and be sure to sign up!