Stranger Things 4: What to Expect [Warning: Contains Spoilers]


Stranger Things, one of Netflix’s biggest original series, is returning in 2022. While season 4 of the Duffer Brothers’ horror/mystery series was originally intended to be released the Christmas of 2020, due to COVID the release date was delayed indefinitely. There has been a year of silence, but fans of Stranger Things finally celebrated as the trailer for Stranger Things 4 was released.

The trailer seems to follow the events of Stranger Things 3. At the end of the last season, Eleven’s adopted father Hopper “dies” at the hands of the Russian’s machine. Of course, Stranger Things is a show where if you do not see a body then they are not dead, and Hopper survives unbeknownst to the rest of the main cast. The events from the previous season prompt the Byers to move away from the cursed town of Hawkins along with the now orphaned Eleven.

The trailer shows how Eleven is adapting to her new circumstances, and wants to go back to Hawkins for the “best spring break ever.” Considering how this is Stranger Things, the best spring break ever is likely going to be a near death experience.

Season 3 left off with several cliffhangers that will likely continue into this season. Eleven’s powers have disappeared for an unknown reason, the Byers have moved to California, Hopper somehow survived being disintegrated by a portal to another dimension, and the Russians have summoned another Demogorgon. The Russians and the Demogorgon will likely return as antagonists. Stranger Things is also a master of juggling multiple subplots, so it’s very possible that Hopper will get his own subplot of trying to escape the Russians.

The directors have also confirmed in interviews that this season will vary wildly in tone compared to that of Season 3. Season 3’s tone was overall much more comedic and action movie-esque than the rest of the series, so Season 4 could be returning to the slower pace of the first two seasons.

With Season 3 ending with so many cliffhangers, many fans are excited to see their favorite characters return. This season has been delayed a year and a half since its initial release date, so hopefully the wait will be worth it.