The Senior Backpack Trend


What does the perfect backpack mean? Actually, there is no such thing as the perfect backpack. In reality, what constitutes a perfect backpack varies from person to person. It could be a basic, solid-colored Jansport or a sporty Lululemon or Nike pouch. For Nick Amunategui, ’22,  perfection in backpacks means bright pink fabric and sequins.

There was a deliberate decision behind the backpack Amunategui chose this year. A sparkly silver star placed right in the middle of the bag flaunts the Sketchers coined phrase, “Twinkle Toes.” Amunategui said, “My toes glisten in the sunlight because my feet are so fast.”  He also said, “I think it’s really neat. It was fun to have a different bag this year.”

As a running back for the varsity football team at Pine Crest, Amunategui’s athleticism is imperative to everyday life, as he makes clear with the backpack he “sports” each day. However, Amunategui is not the only student to ditch their boring backpack and opt for a change for senior year. Ludicrous backpacks have become the rage among seniors at Pine Crest, and they have been gaining popularity in recent years. Many of these backpacks may seem childish, but that is precisely what makes them special for so many students. Annick Coleman, ’23, is all for this senior tradition. Coleman said, “I think they’re cool. I think it’s nice to have that kind of tradition for seniors, commemorating their childhood and their last year of high school.”

With the end of high school looming and the innocence of youth vanishing, these backpacks serve as reminders of the senior class’ fleeting childhoods. The seniors have reached their home stretch in high school, and their backpacks are a badge of honor heralding the accomplishments that the seniors have achieved. With all the stress of senior year and the impending end to an extensive portion of their lives, pink sparkly bags are a fun reminder of the memories they will hold on to for the rest of their lives.


Here’s a little slideshow of some more fun backpacks on the PC campus!