Top Five Best Ways to Exercise during the Coronavirus Pandemic


Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many people have decided to find new ways to stay physically fit while still following social distancing protocols. Whether you are trying to work out for personal reasons or to get stronger for a sport in school, here are the best five ways to exercise from home:

Peloton/Peloton App
One of the biggest, ongoing home workout trends is Peloton. Peloton offers many exciting products— the most popular one being a stationary bike with a touch screen to watch classes from an interactive app. These products have captivated the world and encouraged thousands of people to workout at home. The Peloton digital membership costs only $12.99 per month and has new workouts that are released daily.

Online Zoom Classes
Yes, you guessed it! Zoom workouts! There are so many companies that have resorted to Zoom for online workouts in the last few months. Some of the best Zoom workouts are held by Jabs by Gina, Barry’s Bootcamp, Dancebody, Cyc Fitness, and Love Yoga. To find out more about each one and how to sign up, you can check out this link.

Some pretty amazing and easy workout apps are available in the App Store. Some popular workout apps from 2020 include the PEAR Personal Fitness Coach, Fitbit Coach, Workout Trainer, Seven, and more! You have probably heard about some of them, such as the Fitbit Coach app, which is most useful if you have a Fitbit because it logs your daily activities and recommends workouts based on that. Most of these workout apps are based on what you want to achieve and your current lifestyle. Also, if you have a busy schedule at school, Seven is a good workout app because it offers shorter but challenging workouts.

Family Workouts
Family workouts are also very popular during the pandemic! Family workouts are an excellent option for younger kids because it helps them release bottled up energy and provides a fun way to pass the time. Also, workouts that include the whole family are great bonding opportunities.

Utilize the Pine Crest Facilities
Many of the best workouts are right here at school! The Pine Crest Weight rooms are helpful to anyone who is struggling to get stronger after quarantine for a school sport. Kasey Hamaway, the Director of the Pine Crest Tennis Department, says, “Whether it is training on the court or in the gym, a dedicated tennis player should be working out 4-6 times a week. A successful fitness schedule is not complete without a “rest day’ in order to avoid injuries from overtraining and to provide time for muscles to recover.” Regardless of whether you play tennis or another Pine Crest Sport, the Weight Rooms at Pine Crest provide a fantastic and safe opportunity to work out at a real gym.



New Ways of Working Out During the Quarantine