The Changes of ChatGPT: How the Revolutionary AI Chatbot Affects Pine Crest

Dall-e2: Students in a classroom using artificial intelligence on their computers in a positive way, in the style of Pablo Picasso

Dall-e2: “Students in a classroom using artificial intelligence on their computers in a positive way”, in the style of Pablo Picasso

With the advent of ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, it is necessary for the Pine Crest community to adjust to the changes that come with the new territory. While controversial, it is clear that these technologies provide useful resources for students. Daniel Buda ‘25 agrees, saying, “It has allowed more opportunities for me to study and prepare for tests, making it much easier to navigate a course’s material.” The unique ability of the technology to answer any specific question allows for a more thorough understanding of a subject and allows students to address parts of their study that are lacking. 

The vast database of OpenAI, ChatGPT’s parent company, makes it possible to produce a mostly accurate response to any impartial question asked. This function of the program has significant implications in the academic world, where teachers face a new set of challenges to ensure their students are turning in authentic work. To combat reliance on ChatGPT, the Pine Crest administrative team initially decided to block access to the site until a better solution has been found. Mrs. Metzger, chair of this Academic ThinkTank, as well as the Dean of Faculty and Head of Education Design, stated, “Since the introduction of ChatGPT was unexpected, the Pine Crest team has blocked the site until we have procedures and strategies in place to respond adequately.” 

Yet, the fact of the matter is that artificial intelligence will only become more advanced and more vital to our everyday lives. Therefore, blocking its access strips students of a resource that will only become more important as time passes. Mrs. Metzger also spoke to the importance of new technology and used the field of law as an example. “AI won’t replace lawyers,” she said, “but lawyers who use AI will replace those who don’t.” This logic can be applied to any field, as artificial intelligence is an invaluable tool. As an educational institution, it is Pine Crest’s responsibility not only to teach us the curriculum of our courses, but also to prepare us for our futures, and, unquestionably, our futures and AI will be closely intertwined. 

Therefore, the administration is planning to unblock the website in April. Some changes, of course, will come with this. “In order to maintain the expectations of the honor code, each teacher will have to decide upon their guidelines and expectations pertaining to the usage of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence chatbots,” explained Metzger. Teachers would additionally be provided with guidance on how to identify work written by AI chatbots and recommendations on how to possibly incorporate the technology into their classes.

While very prevalent in a few disciplines, such as visual arts, ChatGPT would not have significant implications on the curricula of most courses. Rather, it is a helpful study tool that can answer a student’s question more directly than any Google search. Yet, each result on ChatGPT has the potential to display incorrect or biased information, and that must be taken into account when utilizing it. 

However, it is likely that changes in the academic environment as a whole will be substantial. “I expect to see a change in teachers’ expectations of students’ final submitted work, effectively raising the bar across the board,” said Metzger. Since students have this tool at their hands, it is necessary for teachers to expect a more proficient level of work submitted. 

No matter what sphere of society, whether it be academia, the consumerist world, or even sports, the introduction and maturation of AI will have world-altering implications. At Pine Crest, we must be ready to take these advancements in stride, staying aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of AI. In a society rapidly and perpetually reshaping itself, Pine Crest continues to evolve alongside it.