Made it to November First!


The deadline for early applications is November first, so most students applying to their top choice have already submitted their applications. Although seniors still have several other schools to consider and more applications to submit for regular decisions, the weight of applying to their #1 pick is off their shoulders.

College application deadlines are looming, causing stress for some seniors preparing for the next phase of their education. However, once the early applications are in, our seniors can focus more time on hobbies, social life, and having fun.

Now that the deadline has passed, most seniors are more at ease. When asked how he feels about finishing his first round of applications, senior Dom Livoti ’23 said, “I’m extremely relieved that I’ve done everything required for the process and definitely more relaxed now.” Ilana Gellman ‘23 said she “feel[s] less pressure now that my early applications have been submitted, but I’m still stressed about getting my results back.” Elena James ‘23 agreed, saying, “now all I can do for the next month is anticipate the decisions.”

As the November application deadline closes, the class of 2023 can finally relax and enjoy the last semester.