Spotlight: Upper School Musical


Rachel Snyder

The lead in the musical, Samantha Gonzalez playing Gabriella.

With the fall musical just around the corner, Type One decided to catch up with the director of the show, Mrs. Boyd, recalling her experiences thus far through the production of this musical.  While in past years the Pine Crest Fine Arts department has focused on more classical works, Mrs. Boyd told Type One that the goal was to find a modern and relatable production that students would enjoy. She settled on High School Musical, a fan favorite by many in this generation of students. Mrs. Boyd was most drawn to this show in particular when reading the script because it “has an important message about staying true to who you are and not changing for others, which I feel is one that many students should recognize.”  Mrs. Boyd also noted that it has been one of the “easiest when it came down to knowing the dances, memorizing songs, etc. because the students knew the material even before walking into rehearsal.” The cast and crew already started running through the show in its entirety weeks before their first performance on November 9th.

Though the musical and the movie share a title, they have stark differences, especially when it is performed live versus it being edited, produced, and made perfect for the big screen.  Mrs. Boyd says this is because “the show has a more complex plot and more in-depth characters” which gives the audience an entirely new perspective on the story. Actors and actresses did not solely have to focus on singing and dancing; they had to learn and practice basketball skills which were incorporated into their choreography by Mrs. Boyd, who had to be taught by Coach Johnson before the start of rehearsals.

Although rehearsals tend to be frustrating and very time consuming, Mrs. Boyd says that they are all worth it in the end when “everything starts to click, when students are able to become vulnerable and express themselves through their characters.”  The production is sure to be one both students and teachers will remember for a long time, and while Mrs. Boyd tells us, “There is occasional comradery between the students,” she also reminds us that “they all want to better the show and continue to work together to make this show the best one.” Be sure to check out the Pine Crest production of High School Musical on November 9th.