Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Clark

This week, Type One had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Clark. Over the past 15 years, Mrs. Clark has held many positions at Pine Crest. She has been a middle school counselor, as well as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Now, Mrs. Clark has taken on a new role at Pine Crest as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion and the Institute for Civic Involvement Coordinator. She has approached her new position by asking many questions and “focusing on one day, one task at a time.” Mrs. Clark has had the ability to connect with many students throughout the years and engage in a variety of projects. “The most rewarding activities and projects are always the ones when I work directly with students. I enjoy interacting with students, getting to know them, and hearing their viewpoints,” said Mrs. Clark while explaining her experience at Pine Crest.

In regard to community service hours, Mrs. Clark gave students some helpful advice. She advised them to “choose something that you are passionate about and work from the heart.” Mrs. Clark also emphasized the importance of community service. She stated, “Community service builds empathy for others. Students are able to develop an awareness, and hopefully, an appreciation of the unique experiences of other people. Through service, students also recognize their ability to positively impact the lives of others in some capacity.”