Mrs. Nisman and the Multicultural Assembly


Liza Goldstone

Mrs. Nisman is working to prepare for the Multicultural Assembly.

Pine Crest prides itself on being a welcoming and culturally diverse environment. Every year, students participate in the Multicultural Assembly to celebrate their cultural identities through various unique traditions.

Type One sat down with Mrs. Nisman, the organizer of the event, to shed some light on this important occasion. “The Multicultural Assembly is a chance for students in clubs that have a cultural slant like the Asian Heritage Club, Latino Student Association, the German Club, or the Indian Heritage Club to showcase something about their heritage.”  This assembly is a way for students to get together and prepare a performance not only to entertain their classmates and teachers but also to educate them. Many clubs, such as the Indian Heritage Club, have performed dances mixing traditional songs with today’s pop hits. Members of the Italian and French clubs have sung well-known songs in their native languages.

The assembly is planned months in advance to ensure the performances are well rehearsed. “So, starting out in November- end of October, I’ll send out an email to clubs who seem like they fit the bill. They have to respond to me with what they are planning on doing; there are deadlines they have to meet throughout the process to show that they are on track to be ready for the performance.” The club advisors and Mrs. Nisman are involved in every step of the process, from the basics of the performance to the music and clothing the students choose to demonstrate their culture. “I have to approve it, their advisor has to approve it, their plan has to be approved by me as well as their club sponsor; there are quite a few things that they have to do along the way.”

The student body looks forward to seeing these performances every year, and Mrs. Nisman helps to bring them to life. When asked what her favorite part of the whole process was, she replied, “The best thing is when you watch it all come together and it’s so amazing to see what our students are capable of.” Through their participation in this assembly, students are also able to connect with others that share a similar culture, and they are able to form long-lasting relationships. Mrs. Nisman shared that she’s  “had the opportunity to meet a good portion of the student body that [she] would not have known otherwise, and it’s really nice to be able to forge relationships with those kids as well.”

The assembly has become a Pine Crest event that showcases the school’s inclusive and supportive environment. “I think that, as a whole, it is a really good way for us to remember that we are a diverse community and we bring diverse talents and unique backgrounds to the table.  All of this helps us to be who we are, and by raising our differences instead of ignoring them, we can be that much better of a community.” This event represents school spirit and brings everyone closer together in order to recognize those qualities that make us who we are as individuals and as a school. “It’s a pretty awesome way for us to celebrate who we are as Pine Crest,” Mrs. Nisman said as she reflected on the success of this year’s Multicultural Assembly.