PC Paw Print Athlete Highlight: Sam Brown


Brown playing at a recent tournament.

Sam Brown ’23 is one of Pine Crest’s rising golf stars. He started playing golf when he was five years old, and began competing when he was ten. He recently won the regional championship with the Pine Crest Golf team and participated in states, where Sam carded the lowest score— an impressive achievement.

This past July, Brown made it into the USGA semi-third US Junior Amateur tournament, which is a highly selective national golf championship. He was also on the cover of the magazine that advertised the tournament. Brown is a skillful golfer who has put his talent and hard work to use in his recent competitions.

Paw Print asked Brown a few questions about his recent golf performance as well as his life in general.

When asked about his practice schedule, Brown said, “On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I practice at the golf course from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, with tournaments usually taking place on weekends.”

The pandemic affected many Pine Crest athletes though, as it prevented some from practicing, and Paw Print asked Brown how he overcame the difficulties brought on by COVID-19 restrictions.

“The pandemic deteriorated my golf capabilities. I could only practice at home using a net, and it took about three to four months to get back on track in terms of becoming accustomed to playing outside again.”

Brown told Paw Print he was now back to his full capabilities. He said, “I’m definitely happy with the track that I’m on, and I’m noticing a positive trend of top-five finishes with good scores. This year, I have to really focus on playing well to meet certain colleges’ [recruitment] requirements.”

Although Brown is very passionate about his sport, he acknowledges that it can get lonely.

“I would say the most challenging thing about playing golf is the fact that it is so solitary. Sometimes, when you’re playing on your own for four hours at a time, hitting ball after ball, it can often get boring and lonely.”

Brown told us his competitive nature is what keeps him coming back to the course.

“One of the things that I love most about golf is when I beat my opponents by a significant amount. Another aspect that I love is [reaching] new personal [bests] on the golf course.”

Brown has some grand aspirations for his golf career, hoping to eventually play professionally. He mentioned he already has a Grand Slam win in his sights as his most elusive goal yet.

Paw Print wishes Brown the best of luck as he and Pine Crest’s other golf stars make their way through more successful seasons to come!