PCTV Leadership Team


Pine Crest Television Network has long been the main source of weekly news for Pine Crest Upper School students. This year, there’s a new leadership team taking over. 

“We really want the students to be the ones producing the shows and with the new leadership positions, it truly will be a student-produced broadcast,” said Holly Goldberg ’13, Digital Media Instructor

This year’s PCTV Leadership Team is made up of Samantha Port ’23, Executive Producer, Nate Pritzker ’23, Lead Broadcast Engineer, Rachel Becker ’23, Social Media Coordinator, Ethan Popper ’23 and Daniel Kathein ’23, Production Managers, Will Burke ’23 and Elena Jaimes ’23, Assignment Editors.

Will Burke has been involved in Pine Crest broadcasting since middle school and is excited for his new role.

“As assignment editor, I get to work with everyone and come up with ideas for segments that students can cover for the live broadcasts, and I’m looking forward to coming up with creative stories to showcase to the PC community,” said Will Burke ’23. 

Upper School students love seeing what the PCTV team produces each week and are anticipating what’s to come. 

“PCTV is definitely the highlight of every Tuesday, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the new team puts together,” said  Jillian Ceritelli ’23.

Tune in to PCTV Live every Tuesday at pctv.pinecrest.edu.