Disney Makes LGBTQ History


Ludovic Bertron via Flickr

“Andi Mack” made history as Disney Channel’s first coming-out-show.

Disney Channel recently made history when the show Andi Mack became Disney’s first show to feature a gay character’s coming-out story. The show focuses on the coming-of-age journey of Andi Mack (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) and her close friends Cyrus Goodman (Joshua Rush) and Buffy Driscoll (Sofia Wylie); the trio go through periods of self-discovery throughout the show.

Disney Channel said, Andi Mack is a story about ‘tweens’ figuring out who they are.”

In season one, the show made the big reveal of how one of the main male characters, Cyrus Goodman, has feelings for another male character on the show. Goodman embraced his more feminine personality, and even confessed to being attracted to the same boy Andi likes; he is met with support from his closest friend and this helps encourage him to truly be himself. This huge discovery came as a shock to fans, especially since this is one of the few times such a controversial topic has come up on a children’s television show. Even though this topic has been touched upon in Disney’s Good Luck Charlie and Doc McStuffins, which both featured lesbian parents, this is the first time Disney has ever made a gay storyline for one of the protagonists in the show. The upcoming episodes of Andi Mack will further explore this topic.  

Freshman Caroline Morrissey shared her thoughts, saying, “I feel that it is important that Disney Channel is exposing kids to a more diverse group of people on TV because then it will have an impact on the future of America’s society and their acceptance of all kinds of people.”

Actor Joshua Rush, who plays Cyrus Goodman, recently spoke about the coming out episode.  He said, “I hope people, out of Cyrus’ storyline, got this feeling like, you can be who you are.”

Goodman represents the young homosexual community and hopes, through his portrayal of his character, he can normalize the concept of being yourself no matter the circumstances. Disney Channel is taking its first steps in breaking social constructs and educating the younger generations on love and acceptance of all people.

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Photo Source: Ludovic Bertron via Flickr