Highlights of Homecoming Week


On October 11, 2021, Pine Crest launched its favorite tradition: Homecoming Week. Homecoming is an annual event that allows all students to dress up, participate in activities, and watch pep rallies. Teachers and faculty members are also encouraged to participate in homecoming events to help spread excitement on campus.

To begin the week’s festivities, students dressed up as their grades’ designated Disney movie: Lilo and Stitch, Lion King, Wall-E, and Frozen. The annual Homecoming Lip Sync Battle was the highlight of the day on Monday. Two students from each grade represented their class by lip-syncing to win spirit points. Selected teachers were tasked to vote for the best performance. This year the seniors were awarded the most points for their outstanding performance.

On Tuesday, the festivities continued with students wearing Hollywood-themed outfits, and Homecoming Court events were held. During Advisory, Upper School students were entertained by the presentation of short video clips created by the seniors competing in the annual Homecoming Court election. Seniors Molly Schlesinger ’22 and Yemi Williams ’22 won the vote for Homecoming Queen and King, respectively.

On Thursday, upperclassmen attended Panther Games while wearing their class colors. The highlight of this year’s Panther Games was the dance competition performed by the football players. The Varsity Cheerleaders choreographed the dances for the football players. After a close contest between the seniors and juniors, the seniors were victorious, winning the most spirit points for their class by amazing the judges with their flips, outfits, and organization.

On Friday, the annual Pep Rally was held. This year, the Pep Rally was especially exciting because the pandemic was less prevalent, allowing for a somewhat normal homecoming week thanks to all the Panthers who followed the COVID-19 restrictions. While this week was an incredible experience for many, it was also bittersweet for the Seniors who cherished their last homecoming at Pine Crest.

Ally Keyes ’22 said, “As a senior, I was hoping that this year’s homecoming would be memorable and almost back to the normal homecoming experience I’ve had prior to COVID-19. I was so excited when it was announced that some of the best hoco traditions like the pep rally and the flag football game were going to make a return this year. My senior year hoco was definitely one to remember, and the school spirit throughout hoco week was unparalleled.”

The week culminated with the Pine Crest football team defeating Coral Springs Charter in their Homecoming game at FAU Stadium. This week, panther pride and unity were on display as the Pine Crest community participated in the fun activities and cheered on their winning team.



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