Homecoming Week Day 3 & 4


On homecoming day 3, Wednesday, October 13th, the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen participated in the PSAT while seniors participated in community service activities outside of school. After the PSAT, each grade’s representatives stayed to decorate their hallways. The seniors won first place after decorating their hallway like a haunted house. In the second place: the juniors, who decorated their hallway in yellow taking inspiration from a scene in the movie ‘Rapunzel’. The freshman earned 3rd place after decking their hallway out with their class color: blue. In last place, the sophomores who also decorated their hallway with their class color: orange.

On day 4, PCTV announced the winners of the hallway decorating competition as well as broadcasting the second food game: the Oreo eating contest. In this game, participants have to move an oreo from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands. Juniors took first place after Cadence Barkan managed to complete the task in an outstanding two seconds. In second place: seniors.

Advisories worked on decorating their doors for the rest of the period as the judging takes place at the end of the day. Mrs. Knight’s advisory won with a Monsters, Inc. themed door, while honorable mentions for each grade were announced on PCTV.

One of the students’ favorite events of homecoming took place after 9th period when the juniors and seniors headed to Banks Field to compete in the Panther Games: flag football, tug-a-war, and half-time shows.

The first half of the game ended with seniors winning with 14 points and juniors with 7. Tug-a-war was played between the juniors and seniors during halftime and the seniors won. Then, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors performed their half-time shows. Seniors, with 60 points, won. Juniors were not too far behind them earning 49.5 points and Sophomores with 26 points.

In the second half of the flag-football game, the seniors scored another touchdown. The final score was 21-7.