Homecoming Week: Friday, Day 5


This Friday, Student Council has prepared several events to look forward to. Make sure you show panther pride by wearing your best green and white outfit for the dress-down day! Follow school dress code guidelines in order to ensure that all outfits are fun and school-appropriate.

Later in the day, the annual Homecoming Relay Race will take place between the four Upper School grades, highlighted by activities such as taking a picture with one of Mr. Wu’s notorious bathroom passes, solving a Rubik’s cube, walking with a ping pong ball on a spoon, and sinking a half court basketball shot in Stacy gym.

After that, the Upper School will come together at the pep rally, which will further create competition between the grades. Jayden Englehardt ‘23 further elaborated on this. She said, “By having the entire school together cheering their friends on, the student body creates a sense of community with each other.” This will help create further excitement for the Homecoming game on Friday night.

The main event on Friday will be the Homecoming game itself. It will be played at FAU Stadium against Westminster Academy at 7:00pm, so make sure to be there to support the players!

This Friday looks to be a great day for each student, but also the Pine Crest community as a whole. Go Panthers!