Maker Hat iLab Challenge


The iLab, taking advantage of the plethora of materials available and creativity at our school, hosted a creativity contest in which students had to create an extravagant headpiece inspired by Halloween. The contest started in the beginning of October and the students had one month to craft their hats. Mrs. Knight, the iLab specialist, came up with this idea to allow students to get used to the new iLab set-up and abundance of unique devices that can aid innovation.

The competition was a huge success with 10 participants fueling their creativity in the Ilab and creating lavish hats. Mrs. Knight told the Paw Print that her favorite part was watching the students explore the Ilab and discover all the different technologies that the iLab houses. For example a laser cutter, 3D printers, sewing machines, stencil cutters, clay, silicone, resin and so much more. The winners of the contest were Sydney Krusch ’23 and Sabrina Shibao ’23.

Mrs. Knight was extremely proud of the outcome and has used the momentum of the success to start a new iLab project: Secret Maker Gift Exchange. This activity takes inspiration from holiday gift exchanges but has a unique twist. For this project, students will build gifts instead of buying gifts for their secret buddy. The exchange will take place on December 13th, 2021. Come back to the Paw Print to find out more about the outcome!