Clue! Review


After being held in suspense for quite a long time, the Upper School was very excited for Clue!, presented last Thursday and Friday. The play follows six characters who become prime suspects in a murder case after a dinner party takes an unexpected turn. Dr. Whitted, who is new to the school, was directing. The cast began rehearsals at the end of January and had been working incredibly hard to put together this thrilling story.

“We all have something different to bring to the show, and we interpret the work differently which leads to some really great moments on stage between each of our characters,” explained Margo Segal ‘24. Margo played the mysterious Miss Scarlett and loved “getting to explore the unspoken parts of her.”

To add to the mystery, six Pine Crest faculty members were suspected of stealing Mr. Pierson’s ID. Students had been deciphering clues throughout the week to uncover who committed the crime.

“I am aghast at the accusation,” says Mr. Lowe, an Upper School Math Teacher, who was disguised as Mr. Green. All was revealed on Thursday, March 23 at an Upper School assembly.

Mr. Lowe said that he was “flabbergasted that 28.8% of the student body voted him as most likely to have stolen the ID” even though he wound up being innocent.

There were two performances for Clue! on Thursday and Friday, both at 7:00 PM. If you attended and enjoyed the show, make sure to check out the future productions that the performing arts department will put on in the future!