Seniors Decorating Their Parking Spots

Izzy Koopman and her Hop in the Koop painting.

Izzy Koopman and her “Hop in the Koop” painting.

At Pine Crest, there are numerous traditions upheld by the Seniors class. From using unique children’s backpacks to waking up early before school to watch the sunrise, there is much in store for senior year. But, one of the most highly anticipated traditions is decorating senior parking spots.
On September 17-18, and October 1, the seniors filled the parking garage with stencils and designs, ready to paint. The school provided many paint colors and various brushes for the students to paint their work. During the event, Paw Print interviewed Izzy Koopman, who was drawing a Jeep on her spot. “I loved having the opportunity to curate a unique, one-of-a-kind artistic representation of myself on my parking spot. I start every morning of school off to a happy start when I pull into the garage and get to see my creation,” Koopman told Paw Print. She then shared the inspiration for this design, “I painted my Jeep, which many know is one of my prized possessions. I also added the expression ‘Hop in the Koop’ around it, which I thought was quirky since I’m known to many as ‘Koops’.”

Naji Nass ’23 worked with his friends to paint the Power Puff girls.

Although the decorating only takes place over a few days, seniors spend weeks in advance planning the designs that will be on their spots for the rest of the school year. Senior Naji Nass explained his plan to Paw Print: “I park a spot over from my friends Lily Isaacson and Zach Schiller, so we all decided we wanted to coordinate designs.” After long deliberation, they finally decided that, “since we wanted them to be matching, we thought doing the Power Puff girls would be a fun way to keep the designs in the same category, but still different.”
Like Naji, each student was able to use their parking spot as an outlet for their unique creativity. Using this opportunity to display their passions and talents, the students had fun, personal, and memorable experiences painting their spot.