Childhood Backpacks Making a Comeback for the Seniors


Jillian Ceritelli and Rachel Becker Captured in Their Fun Senior Backpacks by Joie Rodin

It is not hard to notice that almost every senior this year is repping a stylish children’s backpack with various designs such as Lightning McQueen, Paw Patrol, Disney Princesses, Peppa Pig, Marvel Superheroes, and Star Wars. For the past few years, seniors have had a tradition of wearing kids’ backpacks for their final year of high school. The idea originated after a burst of nostalgia- why not end school with the same type of backpack that you started with? In fact, some students are reusing backpacks they used in elementary school.

When asked what she thinks about these backpacks, senior Tehila Setton ‘23 said she “love[s] seeing them around campus because I think it’s a super fun way to celebrate our last year all together.” Many seniors post photos on social media apps, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok, showing off their backpacks. This backpack craze has swept social media, with seniors all across the country joining this fun tradition. One example of this is at Neville High School in Monroe, Louisiana. Claire Campbell ‘23 saw the trend on TikTok and convinced her friends to get kids’ backpacks with her. She says, “My friends and I saw the trend and knew we had to do it. It’s a great way to channel your inner child for the last year of high school.”

As we near the end of our high school careers, the class of 2023 is trying to soak in every last moment, whether through painting parking spaces, decorating senior crowns, Senior Sunrise, or even carrying fun childhood backpacks!