Halloweekend- Favorite Costumes


Halloween 2021 was one for the books as everyone in the Pine Crest community dived right into the Halloween spirit. In addition to the many Halloween festivities and events this year, this spooky season boasted some fantastic costumes.

At Pine Crest, the Halloween spirit brought the whole Upper School community closer together. Continuing with the long-lasting tradition, seniors and teachers dressed up on the Friday before Halloween and wore festive costumes. What’s more, the entire Upper School Office dressed up as characters from Mario Party. With looser COVID-19 restrictions this year, Pine Crest students were allowed to celebrate Halloween safely, but still in a fun and traditional way.

Not only did the Halloween spirit come alive on campus, but students were also able to express their costume creativity and Halloween spirit outside of school as well. There was a wide array of costumes ranging from characters in movies and television shows to imaginary creatures and unique monsters. Some of the best costumes included: Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, an Eskimo, a fairy, and a cheetah.

Sophomore Elani Kodner ‘24 dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz this year. Kodner said, “The reason I choose Dorothy for my costume this year is because my hair and features are similar to hers, and I got to wear my hair in a creative style.”

Halloween is such a special and spooky time of the year, especially at Pine Crest. This year, the costumes truly raised the bar and made the Halloween spirit come alive!