Back to School: 5 Tips on How to Transition from Summer to School


Hi Panthers! The past couple of weeks have been a great start to the new school year! To help with your transition from summer, we wanted to offer you a few tips on how to get you back into the school rhythm.

1) Get Involved
Pine Crest has many opportunities to help students get involved in the community. With clubs such as the Environmental Action Club, Cancer Awareness Club, and even a Science Club, it’s incredibly easy to find something you would like to do in your free time at Pine Crest. There are also many community service opportunities you can get involved in to start earning your hours already.

2) Stay on Top of Your Homework
It is important for students to get ahead of their homework to avoid being stressed out when the due date finally arrives. It is helpful to start to working on homework the night it is assigned. A couple ways to prevent procrastinating includes distancing yourself from electronics and keeping an organized to-do list.

3) Use Class Time Wisely
Is your teacher finished lecturing, but there are still 10 minutes of class left? Get a jump on your homework while the new information is fresh in your mind, or, use the extra time in class to ask your teacher to clarify difficult concepts before you start your homework that afternoon.

4) Study a Little Everyday
Cramming for a quiz the night before might work sometimes, but when the time comes to study for midterms or even unit tests, you are better off studying at least a few weeks in advance.

5) Don’t Let a Bad Grade Keep You Down
A rough start to the semester does not have to sink your GPA or ruin your average in a class. Take proactive steps by attending extra help and asking questions in class.

Go Panthers!