Behind the Scenes of Madhappy

“I started working out of college in finance in New York and sort of serendipitously fell into this and got really really lucky,” said Madhappy co-founder Peiman Raf.

However, it was not just luck that had gotten Raf where he is today. Raf, along with his brother Noah, and his friends, Joshua Sitt and Mason Spector, have created Madhappy, a luxury loungewear brand that doubles as a talking space for mental health. People experiencing mental health challenges may not realize they have access to a wide variety of resources to help them. Madhappy is working to change this.

“We’ve been able to not only create an environment that is very open and welcoming – whether that is in our stores, our social media or our events- but we also really spent time creating resources on The Local Optimist, our text hotline, and things of that sort and really push it forward and play our role in the mental health space,” said Raf.

Since its launch in 2017, the company has become incredibly popular by selling casual clothes such as hoodies, crewnecks, sweatpants, and t-shirts, all of which consist of clean and simple lines and colors. In addition to Madhappy’s clothing, the company provides many accessible mental health resources. The website boasts articles, playlists, and interviews with Deepak Chopra, Addison Easterling, and more. By making mental health support one of their top priorities, the founders of Madhappy have proven their devotion and passion for mitigating the severity of mental health issues in the world.

The cofounders of Madhappy wanted people to realize that many people go through difficulties in life and face mental health issues. Additionally, each of the co-founders of the company has struggled with their own personal issues. After overcoming their own struggles, the co-founders were inspired to create a company with readily available resources for everyone to help get through challenging times.

In an interview with Forbes, co-founder Mason Spector shared that the brand targets customers around 18-30 years old around the world who are looking to support companies with strong causes. While most of the Pine Crest community is below that age range, many students are still big fans of the brand.

Sophomore Annick Coleman shared, “I love that by buying from Madhappy you aren’t only getting cute and comfy clothes, but supporting a brand with a great cause.”

At the beginning of their journey, the co-founders of Madhappy had no set direction to where their endeavors would lead them. All they had was an idea, an idea they were all passionate about. In the early stages of the company, Peiman and Noah Raf, Sitt, and Spector each focused on their respective strengths and had their own roles in the company. Peiman and Sitt focused on the business aspect while Noah and Spector worked on the creative side. However, before any advancement with the company could be made, the founders needed to create a name. They all believed that, for a company planning to have a big impact, it was vital to have an equally impactful name.

Therefore, they created the name Madhappy, a name that evokes feelings of optimism and happiness. It makes people feel like they can overcome the challenges they face every day. Hopefully, to all of the readers, shoppers, and supporters of Madhappy, the name means something special to them as well. It is not just about what Madhappy stands for, but what conversations it encourages.

It is very important to have people in your life that you can rely on for support and comfort. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, make sure to reach out to a trusted adult or a counselor. In the Upper School, you can always reach out to Mrs. Promnitz or your advisor. And remember to stay Madhappy.