How to Work Effectively in Distance Learning

How to Work Effectively in Distance Learning

The year 2020 has taken us through unprecedented times, forcing us to adapt to life amid a global pandemic. Students as well as teachers have been thrust into a new world of virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and this transition has proven itself to be difficult for many. The drastic change has introduced many obstacles on a grand scale that no one has experienced before; however, the human race has proven itself to be resilient and resourceful. The following are some tips on how to effectively learn and work from home, so you can conquer obstacles and thrive as a student.

Create a Study Space
A comfortable, quiet work space is important and will help you focus and engage in your online classes. Although some may prefer to join online classes from bed, this idea is not optimal. To achieve your best results, you should be situated comfortably at a table or desk to help you become more attentive and focused on the task at hand. Additionally, your study space should have good lighting and plenty of space to spread your books and notes.

Create a Consistent Daily Routine
Creating and adhering to a routine will allow you to be more productive and will improve your time management. An inconsistent routine makes you tired and less effective by throwing off your internal body clock. Also, make sure to schedule time for breakfast and getting dressed before class starts. Further, it is important to incorporate breaks into your schedule to rest and recharge, as taking regular breaks will help prevent fatigue and keep you focused. In addition, during your seven-minute break between classes, stand up and walk around. By simulating your walk to each class in school, it will improve your overall mental and physical health, both of which ultimately improve your performance in online school.

Make an Agenda
Organization is the key to thriving in online learning. To start, make an easily accessible list of your class zoom links as well as teacher office hours on your computer. It is critical to keep all of your assignments in an online or handwritten planner. This helps organize dates of tests, homework, and when assignments are due. In addition, create a “to do list” with items prioritized in order of urgency which will keep you focused and on track.

Stay Active
Sitting at a computer can be draining on the mind and body. Physical activity can positively change your overall attitude by increasing energy and alleviating stress. Great suggestions for activities that you can schedule into your day are going for walks, doing yoga, or participating in online workouts. Ava Malkin ’23 says, “When I am on distance learning, I always make sure to walk outside and get fresh air after a long day of sitting down at my computer”. Taking care of your mental health and body are just as important as your school work, so devoting some time to self care is an imperative.

Actively Participate
During online classes students can feel disconnected from their teachers and peers and often lack motivation to actively participate in class. Participation is essential to success. It is vital to remain connected; asking questions, attending extra help, partaking in group discussions,
and using the chat feature on zoom are all positive forms of participation that will keep you actively engaged in the learning process. By conversing with your classmates and teachers it will emulate a traditional school environment that feels both familiar and comfortable.

Distance learning has its challenges, but following the tips above and staying positive is the key to success!