The Mandalorian is Back!


After taking a step back in time from the Star Wars movies and learning about Baby Yoda’s childhood and his Mandalorian best friend, sidekick and guardian, The Mandalorian is back. The much anticipated season 2 came out on October 30th after almost a year since the first episode came out. The huge Star Wars fan base didn’t hesitate to extend their fanatics to this new show. Fans rave over this story, finally getting to know the hero, Yoda.
In the first season we follow Mando, a Mandalorian bounty-hunter, through his first encounters with The Child, or as we know him, Baby Yoda. We follow them as they begin building a loving relationship and fighting off the many other people in the universe who want to capture Baby Yoda back. Along the way, they make a lot of friends, get attacked, and create a reputation for themselves known around the universe. But the show leaves us with an urging question: where did Yoda come from? There are many theories and everyone has their own opinion, but George Lucas left us with an unanswerable question. One of the many things Mandalorian fans are excited about season 2 hopefully to discover the truth about the much loved Child, Baby Yoda.