The Recruitment Process During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, social media has become an important part of recruiting in athletics. (Credit:

The global pandemic and Covid-19 has been a major obstacle to overcome for school systems around the country. The temporary solutions of using Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other platforms have been proven as an effective solution, however, the student-athletes in our country, and the recruitment process especially, have yet to find one.
Most affected are the juniors who participated in spring sports and had their season canceled. By the time the season starts, the senior class would have already been accepted to a college. Sophomores, who are just beginning their varsity careers, must also face the fact that they have to reach the summit quicker than usual to get attention and build their resumé.
Despite the setbacks, there are still many ways to get noticed by colleges for sports. Coaches or personal trainers who might have connections can also continue to reach out to various sports programs to get Pine Crest athletes involved. Many schools will also begin to use public platforms such as “Hudl” to promote athletes’ in-game play against other schools. Social media accounts are a great way for student-athletes to promote themselves. With highlight reels, bios, workouts, and game statistics, student-athletes can get their names out there and hopefully the attention of recruiters.
Above all, athletes need to stay dedicated to the craft and improve the skills necessary to compete at the highest level. Young athletes cannot assume their seasons are over and stay inactive. This extended period of free time on their hands can be used for the gym, the track, the court, and the field.
Student-athletes have to remember that people adapt to their environment, and colleges will still need top talent. Being at the top of that recruiting list is achieved by using free time wisely and effectively. Joshua Hanks ‘21 has some advice for athletes about the mindset necessary to top the list.
He said, “Hard work earns recognition. Always try to one-up yourself and never be satisfied. If you don’t put the work in, you can’t enjoy the success. Stay hungry.”
As Hanks puts it, while the world continues to adapt, student-athletes wishing to gain attention must continue to work harder, play harder, and never give up chasing their dreams of playing their sports at the highest level.