Halloween in 2020


Covid-19 has prevented many social events from taking place. Many children are spending the majority of their time within the confines of their homes, learning virtually, and communicating with friends through screens. This has become society’s “new normal.” As the holidays near, many people are asking themselves: what will Halloween look like this year?

Parents have varying opinions about how much of a risk they want to take to give their children a full Halloween experience, but the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, has their own guidelines as to what activities are acceptable to participate in during times like these. According to their website, there are lower risk, moderate risk, and higher risk activities. Some low-risk activities include carving pumpkins, decorating one’s house, and having virtual Halloween costume contests. Some moderate risk activities include one-way trick-or-treating through goodie bags, outdoor movie nights with family and friends, and visiting pumpkin or apple orchards. The higher risk activities, which are recommended to be avoided, include door to door trick-or-treating, indoor haunted houses, and going to a fall festival outside of one’s area.

When asked whether or not parents will allow their children to participate in the tradition of trick-or-treating, 47.3% said they will, 40.4% said they will not, and 12.3% said they are still unsure whether it’s worth the risk. More than 61% of parents said that their children will wear a mask if they are to go door-to-door, while another 28.4% said they would choose not to. Around 52.5% of parents did say that they would allow their children to pass out candy. Nearly 48% of people said that the virus will change the way that their household celebrates the holiday, while 44% said it will not make a difference. (1)
Whether families are participating in “higher-risk activities” or not, this Halloween will be one children will remember for years to come.