PCTV’s New Pine Crest Teacher League (PCTL)


Jett Zimmerman ’21 hosting PCTL on the 10/27/20 PCTV Live Broadcast.

With everything that is going in the world right now, everyone needs a little bit of something they are missing in their lives. The Pine Crest Television Network has worked hard to be a source of relief for the PC community during this time. One way to do so is through the new Pine Crest Teacher League segment, where students get to watch their teachers struggle with everyday tasks on (Pine Crest) television.

After many years in the making, PCTV has changed their methodology from assigned pieces to open ended assignments, or beats. With this change, PCTV has widened its scope on the pieces that air, which led to the creation of the Pine Crest Teacher League.

History and PCTV teacher Mrs. Rashbaum said, “We’ve recognized that there are a lot of different ways to put together the shows: last year we created teams and they had a week to put together the show; this year Mr. Burgess and I who co-teach the class decided that we were going to put a lot of it more in the hands of the students… The idea is that the student group gets to push and make the materials that they want to make, that they think our student body and our audience wants to see”

Teachers compete head to head in minute to win-it style-games to determine who will go on to the next round of bracket play. The performance of this March Madness-style contest is what makes these competitions so interesting to watch. Rather than doing a simple minute-to-win-it video, Jett Zimmerman ‘21 and Aidan Feeney ‘23 have found a way to add their own flares of creativity to make the segment entertaining.

Additionally, students have enhanced PCTL with edits. The edits range from slow motion shots to freeze frames that display each competitor’s “statistics”. They are bright and colorful which keeps viewers intrigued.

Jett said, “We are trying to film pieces that people are going to want to come and see week after week.”

PCTL is the first of many new segments that are coming to PCTV and students are setting the precedent for engaging content.