How COVID-19 Impacted Fashion

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, masks have become essential to our daily lives. Fashion critics and people worldwide are looking for new ways to spice up their outfits. As a result, many brands have responded to this change in lifestyles by manufacturing reusable masks in different styles and materials. Students all around campus are seen wearing masks with various prints like tie-dye, animal print, and camouflage.

Lauren Howe, a senior at Pine Crest, walked down the hallways wearing her new beige and white leopard print mask. She bought this mask from an emerging online retailer called Kitsch. Howe explained, “the Kitsch masks allow me to feel safe, yet fashionable while walking around campus.”

Because they cover most of your face, masks have encouraged women to pay more attention to false eyelashes and mascara. According to the Washington Post, false lashes have increased in 15% of their sales since the reopening of beauty salons after quarantine. This being said, the pandemic has also encouraged people to stray away from formal clothing and look into adding more comfortable clothing to their wardrobes.

As stated by CTGN Europe, the pandemic has shifted the fashion industry, causing the demand for cashmere, pajamas, loungewear, and everyday streetwear to increase. Because people are working from home, they want to be as comfortable as possible. Sadly, this has also caused a halt in high fashion. Many fashion houses have moved their shows to Zoom, and even some major couture brands are reusing last season’s designs because of the shocking lack of sales.

With everyone working from home, the phrase, “Work from Home,” otherwise known as (WFH), has been trending throughout social media. According to the New York Times, business casual has been completely redefined to robes and slippers.

In summation, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the fashion industry in both positive and negative ways. Right now, it looks like sweatpants are the new fashionable choice!