Masks in Quarantine


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Coronavirus Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), people in white medical face mask. Concept of coronavirus quarantine vector illustration. Seamless pattern.

With school reopening, there are many new fashionable options with masks that can be incorporated into our daily attire. But, amid all of these new options, how can we figure out which mask is best fit for our lifestyles, personal preferences, and, most importantly, our health?


Just because face masks are necessary doesn’t mean that they have to be ugly! There are so many cute masks available now, allowing you to be creative and expressive with what you wear.

• Prabal Gurung floral-print matelasse mask

These are colorful and adjustable masks made from up-cycled Prabal Gurung printed cotton and have 100% silk lining. Their fun floral pattern are a great way to brighten up your outfits!

• Jonathan Simkhai Tie-dyed Linen Face Mask 2-pack

Tye-dye is super in right now. These masks come in all different colors and are customizable for almost any occasion. These are reusable face masks that are perfect for on the go. This 2-pack contains one pink and one blue tie-dye mask.

• St. John Animal Print Mask

Animal prints are also very popular this year. You can get anything from zebra to leopard prints. These reusable, cotton masks are very trendy and stylish for any event.


Depending on the level of exposure, certain masks are better than others. Many doctors express how important masks are and how they can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by 85%. However, the type of mask that you decide to wear has a big impact on that percentage. The only mask that has been scientifically proven to really prevent the spread of COVID-19 is the N-95 Respirator. However, due to its limited supply, doctors only recommend it to people who are at high risk of contracting the virus. For regular activities, cloth masks are very effective and especially help if everyone is wearing one.

Comfortable masks:

Because of differences in face shapes, certain masks fit more comfortably on some people than others. When buying a mask, you need to consider the length of time you are planning to wear this mask, as well as its material, shape, and size. Many masks have uncomfortable straps that can give you blisters on your ears, especially when wearing them for a long period of time, so it is very important to buy masks with comfortable or adjustable straps. After wearing a mask, it is important to wash it. Wearing a cloth mask repeatedly without sanitizing it between uses can actually be more detrimental than beneficial. Additionally, if masks do not cover your nose or mouth, then they have no positive impact whatsoever.


If you are a person who exercises frequently, then you need a mask that will not fall off. There are many options to choose from, but you need to choose the one that works best for you. A good idea is to order a few different styles of masks to try on and then choose the one that you like the most. For high-intensity workouts, you need something that you can tighten, and that does not fall off with sweat. Also, if you are going for a run, a neck gaiter may be the best option because you can pull it up when getting within six feet of somebody.

• Under Armour UA Sports mask.

The mask is made with three different layers designed to allow airflow while also protecting you. This is a perfect choice for exercising as it is comfortable, fitted, and won’t fall off.


• Koral Infinity Mask

The Koral Infinity Mask is perfect for working out. Koral uses the same performance fabric to make its face masks as its activewear, which means they’re stretchy and fast-drying. It also provides UV protection.


Authors’ Choice:

• Athleta Masks

Athleta masks are comfortable, fashionable, and reusable and are perfect for any occasion. They can be machine washed and are the perfect on-the-go option. There are also many different colors available that you can choose from. In addition, these masks feature adjustable straps, allowing them to fit your face correctly. Overall, these masks are wonderful for everyday use, as well as for any event or occasion.


We hope you can find a mask that works best with you. During the Coronavirus Era, masks are now a vital necessity for everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you want a reusable cloth mask or a sports mask, make sure to always wear it and stay safe!