Pine Crest School Honoring Black History Month

Black History month is an annual observance that takes place throughout the month of February. It recognizes the contributions of African-Americans to our society. Pine Crest welcomed two special guests to come to visit our school to help highlight this time of year. African-American actress Maxine Maxwell performed a one-woman play titled Echoes Of The Past. The play features five monologues told from the point of view of African-American women throughout history. Maxwell beautifully portrayed Henrietta King, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, and Elizabeth Eckford, and the life of Nelson Mandela’s wife. These pieces put a spotlight on some of the hidden African-American Figures throughout history.

A second assembly also took place welcoming author and illustrator Vanessa Bradley-Newton. She shared stories, a picture book, and poetry that all aimed to represent all ethnicities and races. She also detailed the struggle of being a black woman in society with learning disabilities. She explained her mission to make sure all types of young people are represented and heard through the books we read. Through lively words and song, she explained how all children need to see themselves reflected in books. Although this month of observance officially ended February 29th, these inspiring performances taught the students to reflect on the past and appreciate the black community all year round.