Student Spotlight: Madison Metz


Madison “Maddie” Metz, a senior, has been a member of the Best Buddies club since her Junior year. Best Buddies is an international organization that facilitates experiences for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Volunteers interact with disabled individuals and provide companionship. Maddie’s  inspiration to join the club comes from her friend’s brother who is on the Autism spectrum. When she saw a poster for Best Buddies at the club fair in the fall, she immediately took the opportunity to join. 

During her short time as a member of Best Buddies, she has already made a big impact. This year, she holds the position of Vice President and coordinated the most recent community outreach event: bringing senior men with Autism to Pine Crest for a basketball game. For last week’s Boys Varsity basketball game, Maddie invited senior men of the community with Autism to partake in the excitement of a youth basketball game, an activity they are usually not able to participate in. The men loved the chance to watch the game and felt invigorated by the talented youth on the court. Maddie was able to see their faces light up and said, 

“Everyone who I work with are the kindest, sweetest, most caring people who just want to play basketball with you over the weekend or get a high five.” 

Yet, these men (and others who are disabled) often never get the chance to participate in regular activities due to the stigma of mental and physical disabilities. 

Maddie’s message to students is that joining Best Buddies will be a life changing experience while exposing members to new people and seeing how wonderful it is to be surrounded by people different than yourself. Maddie says that Best Buddies has helped her grow as a person and given her a new perspective on life and the community outside of Pine Crest.