Student Spotlight: Daniela Tejada


While most juniors are focused on standardized tests and schoolwork, Daniela (Dani) Tejada has other things in her focus. The Paw Print sat down with Dani to discuss her non-profit organization, Tutors for Kids.  The organization provides tutoring services by high school students to middle school students in need at nearby, James S. Rickards middle school. Weekly, hour-long sessions take place Monday through Thursday. 


Daniela chose to focus her efforts on Rickards not only for its proximity to Pine Crest, about a half a mile away, but also because of its need for change. Dani elaborated on her decision by saying, 

 “This school has very low reading and math proficiency rates, and the students would greatly benefit from some extra help.”


Besides providing a direct impact on students’ lives, Daniela also benefits from the initiative as helping those in need has always been something Dani has enjoyed. She said,
“knowing I’ve given these kids a chance to succeed at school is an amazing feeling.” 

Dani also mentioned how Tutors for Kids is a great way for students to earn service hours while directly helping the community and the program is always looking for volunteers.  If you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact Daniela Tejada!