Pine Crest Honors Veterans With Assembly


Pine Crest School

Officer Sobchak stands with Mr. Walters

On November 11, Pine Crest held a Veterans Day assembly to honor those who are actively serving or who have previously served in the military.

To kick off the assembly, the band performed well-known patriotic songs to bolster spirit while the audience settled into the auditorium. Once everyone was seated, the seniors in chorus performed the National Anthem. Katie Sullivan ‘20, the current Student Council President, then informed the Upper School of the history of Veterans Day. Mr. Walters thanked veterans on the teaching staff such as math teacher Mr. Curran while the audience rose to their feet in applause. At the end of his speech, Mr. Walters invited Fmr. Officer Frank Sobchak to the stage, a veteran and Pine Crest alum, where he spoke about his time at the military academy, and highlighted experiences from when he served in the army.

During his high school career, Sobchak gravitated towards track and field, as he enjoyed pushing himself to the limits. Sobchak attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and went on to become a military officer in the Middle East.

Sobchak aspired to repay the country that rewarded him with many privileges. Reflecting back on his time at the academy and at work, Sobchak explained that in living under harsh conditions—namely in Army Ranger School—where he would go weeks with less than five hours of sleep, work tirelessly, and receive meager food portions, he developed empathy for the impoverished, which gave him motivation to serve his country.

The Veterans Day Assembly received overwhelmingly positive reports from Upper School students, as they walked out feeling both informed about the national holiday’s significance and inspired by Sobchak’s speech.

Laney Friedman ‘23 said, “I felt honored to have the opportunity to listen to a person who has done so much for this country.”

The Paw Print thanks Officer Sobchak for taking the time out of his day to talk to our Upper School students, the faculty for organizing the assembly, and all veterans for keeping the country safe through their service.