A Look at the Current Advisory Structure

On Tuesday, November 12th, Upper School students attended an advisory session where they enjoyed a 7-minute meditation session, which allowed students to relax and take a break from the stress of their academics or extracurriculars. 

“I really enjoyed having a meditation session because it was a nice peaceful break from my hectic school day,” explains Sanjana Karamchandani ’23.

Students have recently attended weekly advisory check-ins in which they discuss their current mood. Students also use this time to write their concerns or successes on index cards to share with their advisory groups. Fellow students and advisors, who act as a resource for their students, then give each other advice on their issues and offer support. 

“I really enjoy seeing the students help one another,” explains English teacher Mrs. Mendonça.  “Friends or not, they offer each other great advice, and it truly brings them together.” 

So far, the students have been really enjoying their advisory periods and advisory days give students the opportunity to reflect and confront any problems they may be having.