Student Spotlight: Tsion Yared

It is finally the time that the class of 2020 has been waiting for: senior year. The year is busy as it is filled with many fun activities and revered traditions. However, while the senior class busily works on their college applications and schoolwork, the Senior Class Student Council Board has the additional responsibility of organizing the events that make the year so special. Type One sat down with Senior Class President, Tsion Yared ‘20, to understand a little bit more about what the job entails. 

Tsion has lots of experience being a member of the Student Council as she participated in Middle School and was the Junior Class Vice President last year. She wanted to take her involvement a step further this year by becoming Senior Class President.

“I really enjoyed leading the grade and acting as a mediator between the senior class and administration,” explains Tsion.

Senior Year brings students’ time at The Pine to a close and a lot of events take place to celebrate that culmination. Some of the most anticipated activities of the year happen rather quickly after school starts such as painting parking spots in the garage and Senior Sunrise. Yared’s role demanded her spearheading the operation of these traditions. Each year, seniors are able to paint their parking spots in the garage with a design of their choosing. The class came together on Sunday, August 25th to paint and enjoy the company of their classmates. Mrs. Everett, who is the senior class sponsor, and the Senior Class board organized getting all the paint brushes and paint from maintenance and setting them up on the third floor of the garage. Yared spoke about how exciting it was to orchestrate such a long standing tradition as all of junior year had been spent driving past the senior’s spots and seeing their creations. Now it was finally time to participate and have seniors make their mark on campus.  Another event planned by Tsion was the much anticipated Senior Sunrise which took place on the morning of Friday, September 6 at Commercial Pier.

As Tsion elaborates, “there was a light breakfast that the senior class board provided to enjoy while everyone took photos to celebrate the beginning of our final year together.” 

What the rest of the senior students might not realize is how much planning goes into each and every one of these events. 

“The toughest part of planning was trying to find a good time to do the events. We had to cancel Senior Sunrise twice due to weather, but it ended up working in our favor as we had the most beautiful sunrise,” says Tsion.

However, she credits her other senior class board members, Maya Beleznay, Blake Kravitz, and Jordan Zietz, along with Mrs. Everett in being extremely helpful in making sure everything went smoothly. 

Even though the year has just begun, Tsion feels very grateful to have the opportunity to lead such a spirited senior class into their last year at the Pine.