Movie Recaps: Captain Marvel, Five Feet Apart, Us


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A movie theater is a great place to relax and be entertained.

Movies are excellent sources of entertainment for people of all ages. Below are the movie recaps and reviews of three highly-recommended films that are in theaters now.

Captain Marvel by Karene Hermon

Captain Marvel was the prequel all Marvel fans needed. In this movie, fans are introduced to the powerful Captain Marvel and learn about the origins of Fury, as well as what gives the Avengers their name. As all Marvel fans know, movies that focus on one superhero come in sets of three, so there will be two more Captain Marvel movies in the future.

Brie Larson, who played Captain Marvel/Vers/Carol Danvers, did an outstanding of job bringing this character to life through her powerful proton-blasting power moves and amazing ability to portray her mental turmoil. Larson captivated her audience and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. Larson starred in this movie alongside Samuel L. Jackson, who played Nick Fury.

A unique addition to Captain Marvel was its introduction. Instead of the usual montage of the Avengers, there was a montage of Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel who had recently died. With the power of computer-generated imagery, a Stan Lee cameo captivated Marvel fans across the globe.

Captain Marvel is an excellent addition to the action-packed movies that Marvel fans know and love.

Movie Grade: A-


Five Feet Apart by Lauren Dawson-Scully

Five Feet Apart was a movie that took me on an emotional roller coaster. It was a heartbreaking story about two teenagers with cystic fibrosis who fall in love but cannot be together since they could spread life-threatening infections to each other. The film definitely demonstrated the tough reality that people who suffer from certain illnesses have to face by showing how sacrifice is sometimes the only option. In this case, the characters sacrifice true love to stay alive. Although I have heard from others that the movie’s depiction of cystic fibrosis may not be entirely accurate, I thought the movie did a good job of spreading awareness and depicting certain hardships that people with cystic fibrosis have to face.

Movie Grade: A-


Us by Natalie Rubenstein

Us is the story of the Wilson family’s return to the beachfront home where Adelaide Wilson grew up as a child. Adelaide is haunted by traumatic experiences from her hometown, and she grows increasingly concerned that these memories will come back to haunt her. Her fears become a reality when four strangers descend upon the house and force the Wilsons into a fight for their lives. Once these strangers reveal themselves, the Wilson family is utterly horrified to learn that each attacker takes the appearance of a family member.

Jordan Peele truly captured all forms of fear in Us, his second feature that followed his marvelous debut, Get Out. Though Peele strategically places comedic relief throughout the film, there are constant moments of jump scares and frequent plot twists that the audience would have never expected to occur.  As in Get Out, Jordan Peele once again demonstrates almost unreasonable attention to detail.  Us is best enjoyed when watched a second time, in order to truly appreciate its many intricacies.  

Movie Rating: A

Be sure to check out these fan-favorite films while they are still in theaters near you.

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