Girls Softball Spring into their Season

Now that it’s March, new sports seasons are starting up. Among them is the Girls Softball team. Type One reached out to a few senior athletes on the team to learn more about their status and goals this season.


The Girls Softball team is focusing on improvement, training, and education this season. With this year’s team being made up of primarily underclassmen, athlete Allison Trebbi, ’19, explained that the team’s main goal this season is to ensure that the underclassmen are in a good spot going into future seasons.


“A lot of them [the underclassmen] have never played softball before, so they’re facing a bit of a learning curve right now. I think they’re keeping up pretty well though, and everyone seems to be taking what they’ve learned in practice and applying it to the games. I think that the freshmen have been working especially hard to learn the nuances of the game, and you can really see the results even in just the first few [games] we’ve had. ”


Sami Restrepo, ’19, described that the softball squad is also competing against the Pine Crest Boys Baseball team to see which team can win more games. 


“I know we can win more games than them [the baseball team]. It will give us all a huge confidence boost and push us to try even harder in all of our games,” Restrepo said. 


Trebbi is also looking forward to the team playing against Calvary on March 25th. “I think their program is pretty comparable to our own, and we’re pretty evenly matched in terms of skill set. It will definitely be a close game that comes down to a few well-timed plays.”


Both Restrepo and Trebbi will miss their teammates and coaches, Coach Thompson and Coach Johnson, who have motivated them throughout their time playing on the team.


Trebbi said, “Coach Johnson is really supportive and always ready to help, which plays nicely with Coach Thompson’s quick-witted humor and slightly more serious demeanor.”


The Girls Softball team will have their Senior Night on April 4th and are hoping to see fans come out to the games. Type One wishes the team the best of luck this season!