Recap of Almost, Maine


via Anna Selden, Junior

PC students rehearse for the play.

Last week, a small town came to a big one. The play Almost, Maine featured 19 cast members that formed vignettes illustrating the different stages of love and its accompanying complications. Love, as the underlying theme of the play, was represented throughout every scene. An element of red was incorporated in the set or costume of the characters on stage throughout the performance. Each scene takes place around 8 or 9pm, with the northern lights symbolizing the closing of each.

One of the more powerful scenes was performed by Seniors Drew Morris and Maddy Mazer. It features the struggles of keeping love alive while dealing with children and financial instability.

Senior Cayleigh Pine described how it felt to be on stage with just one other person for nearly the entire duration of her role, as this was different from the other plays and musicals that Pine Crest has done in recent history.

She said, “In a way, it was easier because you develop a bond and establish a relationship with just one person.”

Despite this ease, there were also some challenges that came along with performing this type of play.

Pine said, “It was difficult because you have to match a person’s energy level. If someone was calmer one time, you had to be calmer too.”

On opening night, the theater was immersed in a very different climate than most Floridians are used to. The cast wore winter attire including snow boots, ski pants, gloves, and scarves, while “snow” fell from the ceiling of the stage, which enhanced the effect of the winter-like climate in Maine. To display these concepts on stage was challenging, but served as a great opportunity for the members of Pine Crest theater.